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Bitcoin in a Nutshell

Bitcoin is a decentralized type of digital currency that one can sell, exchange directly, or buy without the need for an intermediary such as a bank. Satoshi Nakamoto, the alleged Bitcoin creator came up with this digital currency due to the need for an electronic payment method that was not based on trust but on cryptographic proof.

All Bitcoin transactions that have taken place still exist on a public ledger that everyone can access. That makes the transactions difficult to fake or reverse. By design, Bitcoins are decentralized in nature and not endorsed by the government or any other institution. That means that nothing can guarantee their value apart from the proof provided within the system. Bitcoin is worth a lot of money because people believe that it has value just like gold.

Since Bitcoin was publicly launched in 2009, its value has risen exponentially. Its supply has a limit, which means that its price will only keep rising with time, especially since more big institutional investors started treating Bitcoin as a kind of digital gold to safeguard against inflation and volatility. Currently, there are over 19 million coins in circulation with its supply limited to 21 million coins.

Understanding How Bitcoin Works

Bitcoin works on a blockchain, which is a distributed digital record. Blockchain is a connected body of data comprising units referred to as blocks. These blocks store information regarding every transaction, including time and date, seller and buyer, total value, and a special code for every exchange. Entries are threaded together sequentially to create a digital blockchain.

Whenever a block is added to the blockchain, anyone who wishes to see it can access it. That is because it acts as a cryptocurrency transactions public ledger. Due to the centralized nature of blockchain, it is similar to Google which cannot be controlled by an individual or organization. However, anyone can work on it. It is not owned by anyone but whoever has a link can contribute to it. As different people keep updating it, an individual’s copy gets updated too.

Although the thought of anyone being able to edit the blockchain may make it sound risky, that is what makes Bitcoin more secure and trustworthy. Before a transaction block is added to the blockchain, it needs to be verified by most Bitcoin holders. Also, the special codes that are used to identify users’ transactions need to conform to the correct encryption pattern.

The codes are long, random numbers, which makes them extremely hard to produce deceitfully. Due to the high level of statistical randomness found in blockchain verification codes, which users need for each transaction, the risk of anyone making fake bitcoin transactions is greatly reduced.

What is Smart Stocks AI?

Smart Stocks AI is a smart crypto trading platform that specializes in Bitcoin trading. It offers traders an avenue to register the millions of people trading Bitcoin online on a user-friendly and intuitive platform. The platform features immense potential thanks to its accessibility, reliability, and functionality.

Unlike many other crypto trading platforms that only think of offering a trading platform, Smart Stocks AI goes the extra mile to ensure that even anyone who has never heard of crypto trading can use this platform with ease.

Although Bitcoin trading is risky and no one can guarantee that it is going to be successful or easy, by using Smart Stocks AI, one gets treated to a one-stop shop for all their trading ventures. The platform offers traders immense knowledge through learning resources so that they can learn and polish their skills. Also, traders get a call from a partnered broker who explains to them how the platform works and teaches them more about trading.

Smart Stocks AI is accessible on multiple devices, which allows traders to polish their trading skills and trade Bitcoin from whenever and wherever they wish to do so.

How to Use Smart Stocks AI

Learning how the bitcoin trading market works and speculating on the price of the cryptocurrency is time-consuming and requires a lot of dedication and research. However, signing up at Smart Stocks AI is effortless and takes a few minutes, thanks to the reliability of the platform. It is designed to help traders improve their trading skills over time.

Those who are willing to sign up only need to provide a few essential details to get started. The sign-up process not only takes a few minutes but also offers traders better privacy. Here are steps one takes to get started on Smart Stocks AI.

Register a Trading Account

Once you visit Smart Stocks AI website and wish to see what wonders it holds inside, you need to complete the registration form. Traders have to start by filling out the provided registration form and submit it once they have provided the accurate information as specified.

The good news is that traders only have to provide a handful of information to fill out the form. The information includes their name, email address, and phone number. The importance of providing their email address is for verification purposes.

Account Verification

Once traders submit their filled-out forms, they immediately receive an email from the Smart Stocks AI team with a link. By clicking the link, they verify their accounts. Once they verify their accounts, traders get redirected to their partnered brokers’ websites where they can choose to log in. To do so, traders need to use the credentials they provided while registering.

For extra security, traders are advised to choose a strong password. Also, they need to store it securely. After logging in, one gets redirected to the trading platform. Those who wish to proceed trading will like the fact that Smart Stocks AI doesn’t charge traders any fees to use it. Anyone who wishes to venture into live trading on this platform only needs to make their first deposit.

Funding Account

The next step involves funding the account. With full knowledge of how volatile Bitcoin is and the risks involved with crypto trading, if one wishes to proceed with live trading, one needs to fund their trading account. Since their accounts are active, funding them is no hassle.

First, they need to confirm the specified minimum deposit amount, and fund that amount or more according to their preference and needs. Once they have successfully funded their accounts, traders can begin their trading journey. The platform doesn’t specify the maximum amount one can deposit, and the decision lies in the hands of the traders.

Get Trading

With a funded account, those who are ready and willing to start live trading can do so. For experienced traders, the trading process may be easier. However, new traders need to familiarize themselves with the basics and hone their trading skills.

Keep Learning

As mentioned, professional traders have spent a lot of time learning all they can about crypto trading. However, for new traders, this might be a complex topic that they aren’t familiar with. Besides asking their partnered brokers questions regarding how the platform works and what to do, they can use the provided learning materials.

The trading process can be laborious, which is why every trader needs to have all the basics. By researching, and learning about it continuously, one will hone their skills and trading strategies with the hope of getting better with time.

What SmartStocks AI Has to Offer

Smart Stocks AI checks most of the right boxes needed from a reputable trading platform. There are various reasons and factors to consider while choosing a crypto trading platform, and here is what Smart Stocks AI has to offer traders.

User-Friendly and Functional Platform

User-Friendly and Functional Platform

With numerous crypto trading platforms online, the team at Smart Stocks AI had to go the extra mile to provide traders with a better option. They worked hard to produce a platform that was not only user-friendly but also more functional. Theirs is a more streamlined platform.

While the team cannot guarantee any trader that their trades will be successful, with this platform, even those who aren’t experienced in predicting market fluctuations and reading the charts can start trading. All the required information is ready for any trader who visits Smart Stocks AI to help facilitate the whole process of analyzing, learning, and striving to make better decisions.

On top of that, traders can also share their preferences and parameters with their partnered account broker to get educated on how to create a trading strategy and understand how the markets work.

One-Stop Bitcoin Trading Shop

One-Stop Bitcoin Trading Shop

The team of Smart Stocks AI understands the complexity of crypto trading. That is why they specialized in Bitcoin trading to help traders get the most benefit. On this platform, traders get to trade on the oldest and most popular cryptocurrency: Bitcoin.

The platform offers traders extensive information about crypto through learning materials and their FAQs. They understand that by only allowing traders to trade on Bitcoin, they can sharpen their trading skills faster, and will not get overwhelmed by different assets on offer.

Reliability and Convenience

Reliability and Convenience

Smart Stocks AI is a highly intuitive website that loads fast and traders can access any information they need on the platform fast and easily. Also, the platform is compatible with multiple devices for convenience.

Whether one is at home, on a plane traveling, or at a coffee shop, one can access this platform whenever and wherever one wishes. All that is necessary is a device, either a PC, tablet, or smartphone, and a stable and secure internet connection.

Security First

Security First

Like with any other online venture or transaction, Bitcoin trading faces the risk of cybersecurity threats, including hacking and identity theft among other factors. To ensure that each trader’s personal and payment transactions are kept secure, Smart Stocks AI uses high-level security measures, including encryption protocols.

SmartStocks AI FAQs

How does Bitcoin make money?

The Bitcoin blockchain network of miners makes money from this crypto by validating blocks successfully and getting rewarded. One can exchange Bitcoin for fiat currency through crypto exchanges. People can also use Bitcoin to make purchases from any store that accepts crypto payments. Speculators earn money from trading Bitcoin.

Where are Bitcoins stored?

Cryptocurrency is not stored anywhere whether in software or hardware form. That means that it cannot be stored on a hard drive or computer folder. The amount of crypto that one holds is found on the blockchain. The ledger keeps getting updated across the network as each new transaction takes place. This includes when a person moves their Bitcoin and when a new Bitcoin gets mined.

For crypto owners to access their Bitcoin, they need a complicated password or a private key generated by code. A Bitcoin’s private key comprises a 256-bit password stored in cryptographic language. That means that the password could contain dozens of characters in an endless number of variations. Traders use their private keys to create a special signature that allows them to use their cryptocurrency to make transactions.

Each private key correlates to a corresponding public key, which is visible to miners, and a Bitcoin address. This is similar to a public bank account number. The Bitcoin address comes in the form of a special 26-to-35-character string of numbers and letters which is case-sensitive. It displays where the Bitcoin is getting sent to.

Crypto owners can store their private keys in specialized virtual storages. These passwords can also be stored on a computer, smartphone, or hardware storage space. Users can also print a copy of the keys and keep them in a safe place. Losing the password can see one getting locked out of their cryptocurrency forever.

Is there secrecy in crypto transactions?

No. these transactions are recorded. However, it’s difficult to tell who sent or received a transaction since it’s kept a secret and no names are attached to transactions. Users need to identify themselves if they wish to do any crypto transactions. Cryptocurrency transactions are done on a public document, which makes it possible to view when the funds were transferred and where they went.

What is scalping in Bitcoin trading?

Crypto scalping is defined as a fast-paced crypto trading strategy that relies on small price fluctuations for a trader to make a profit. Instead of considering larger profits and long-term positions, traders who choose to scalp focus on short-term trades that give tiny gains from small price fluctuations. They do this repeatedly all day long.

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